Pet hair can be a real pain to manage, especially during high shedding seasons. Here are some facts on pet hair and tips to help lessen the pet hair in your home.

How Pet Hair Affects Your Health

● Pet hair can carry bacteria like
Salmonella and E. coli
● Parasites can hitch a ride in your pet’s
fur. Fleas, ticks, hookworms, tapeworms,
and even scabies can be real nuisances
and pretty nasty.
● Allergies can pop up out of nowhere and
be a pain. Symptoms like coughing,
sneezing, wheezing, red itchy eyes,
runny nose, and sinus problems can
make life pretty miserable.
● Asthma can be triggered by pet hair.
The dander or dead skin on the shed
hair become airborne in the form of dust
and can trigger asthma symptoms.

Tips For Reducing Pet Hair In Your Home

● Brush your pet: Brushing helps remove
the hair that would have fallen out in and
around your home. Daily brushing is a
good practice to keep the shedding
under control and it feels really good to
your pet.
● Bathing: A bath every couple weeks will
keep your pet’s coat healthy, reduce
shedding, and rid it of any unwanted
● Vacuum: Vacuuming every day or so will
drastically improve the pet hair situation
in your home. It is the best method for
cleaning hair that has already made it off
your pet and into your home.

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