Junk Removal

💪🏿💪🏾💪🏽💪🏼Pre-Christmas Clean Out!
Affordable Junk/Large Trash pickup! 💩🤗
Clutter can cause stagnant energy and too much stress.
Your home should be your sanctuary, a safe place where you can take time to unwind, but when your home is filled with physical clutter, it can lead you to feel that your home is your enemy rather than your sanctuary, which can overall negatively affect your well-being.
A chronically cluttered home environment can lead to a constant low-grade fight or flight response, taxing our resources designed for survival.
Let Monster Cleaning Services do the hauling, pickup, and disposal for you this weekend on Saturday, November 27th. Please call or text 434-284-2595 or email munfordcharlene@gmail.com for more info and book your spot today!